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Bread of life is a community of praise, confession, communion, and mission declaring the  infinite love, holiness, and grace of God to a world in need

When you come to Bread of Life, we want you to draw close to God and know that He is drawing close to you (James 4:8). Perhaps you engage with God in music.  Perhaps your mind meets God through scripture.  Perhaps your spirit and sense respond to incense and the colors of each sacred season.  Through song, prayer, hearing the Word and communion, we worship and are transformed for the mission of sharing the Gospel with others.

The Anglican service - with its progression through praise, confession and communion - declares the infinite love, holiness and grace of God.  The service and its weekly communion fill us with awe and thanksgiving. As a pastor, I seek to honor God and your time.  I try to be as honest, transparent and true to the Bible as I know how. I respect your questions and intelligence.  I appreciate authenticity and a good laugh.

I invite you to come to Bread of Life.  It is a growing church; its people are genuine and kind.  There is great freedom here to explore and carve your own missionary niche as you feel comfortable.  Give this church a try.  We'd love to meet you.

Pastor Matt

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